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Lead Generation

Lead Generation is one of the most important aspects of doing business on the Internet. When a potential customer visits your site, it is because they are interested in the product or service you are selling. Unfortunately, online visitors don't have the luxury of speaking with someone on staff, so this is where lead generation tactics come in to play. Giving potential online customers a way to contact your company not only gives them a chance to learn about what you have to offer, but it also generates a qualified lead that your business can then follow up on. Closing those leads will increase your customer base and increase your overall revenue. Lead Generation is one of the smartest ways to do business on the web.

The lead generation techniques offered here at Main Web Host are designed to provide pre-qualified leads directly to your business in real time. When potential customers contact your company through one of these lead generation tools, you'll have the opportunity to respond immediately; the quicker the turn around, the more likely it is to turn that lead into a sale. In addition, our lead generation technology also has the capabilities to track every lead generated from your website; this will allow your company to review all information submitted by potential customers, you'll see their personal information as well as when and where the lead was generated from.

At Main Web Host we provide two sound strategies for lead generation—customized forms and local telephone numbers:

Customized Forms:

Customized forms are a great way for businesses to interact with potential customers online. These contact forms can be customized to specifically suit your individual business needs. Looking to collect contact information from potential customers? We can include fields that will require all of this information to be filled out. Offer several products or services and want to know what your customers are interested in? We can include drop down menus that will allow the customer to choose their specific inquiry. Customized forms are a great way to get all of the information you need from a prospective customer before contacting them; this information will make closing the sale much easier for you.

In addition to collecting relevant data from potential customers, customized forms also allow the leads generated to be tracked. Every time a customer fills out a form and submits it online, that information will be trapped in our back end system where it can be monitored by your business. You'll be able to see exactly when each lead was filled out and will be able to track how many leads your website is producing. In addition, having customers personal contact information on hand will allow you to implement follow-up tools for those leads that were unable to be closed right off the bat. Lead generation with customized forms is a great way for your business to increase sales and total revenue. Read more about customized forms.

Local Telephone Numbers:

Providing a local telephone number on your website is another great way to allow your potential customers to contact you. However, with Main Web Host, we will assign your website one of our unique local numbers that will be used only for your website. All calls placed through this number will immediately be directed to your place of business, but in addition, will also be monitored, tracked and recorded through our proprietary call tracking system. By tracking and recording phone calls, you'll have the opportunity to see exactly how many calls are being generated through your site, and you will also have the opportunity to review those phone calls to see exactly how they are being handled. Having the opportunity to monitor calls will allow you to properly train staff so that lead closer ratio increases. Read more about local telephone numbers.

Any business can greatly benefit from being a part of our innovative lead generation program. Lead generation tactics are a great way to significantly increase the flow of traffic toward your clinics site, and ultimately increase your gross income. There's no easier way to successfully market online than with Main Web Host.