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Local Telephone Call Tracking

If your business is currently searching for an innovative way to track leads and increase its customer base, consider Local Telephone Call Tracking. With all the marketing mediums available to companies today—television, radio, print, Internet, etc—it is very plausible that most businesses will run multiple advertisements at any given time. But do you have any real way of knowing whether or not these ad campaigns are working? Those companies that run multiple ad campaigns will most likely experience a surge in business, but do you know where that business is being generated from?

Every day, businesses make the decision to spend thousands of dollars advertising through different marketing tactics without having a clear-cut way to calculate their ROI. Using local telephone call tracking with Main Web Host is a fantastic way to feel completely confident that your marketing dollars are well spent because our proprietary system allows your company to see exactly where your leads are generating from. With our innovative call tracking system, your business can finally feel good about ad spending.

By utilizing an application that combines telephone communication with computer intelligence, we are able to accurate tracking all phone call leads that are derived from any of our unique telephone numbers. Depending on the individual needs of your business, we can apply specific telephone applications that will direct callers accordingly. When this system combines caller input with menu driven scripts and the specified local telephone number, potential customers can call directly to your place of business, or to a remote call center (if you so choose), using a touch-tone phone, and interact with our system in real time.

So how can this innovative technology benefit your business? When potential customers come across your website they will find either a local telephone tracking number or a toll free number provided by us, and listed on the site, that they can call for more information. Upon dialing the number, the call will be immediately transferred to our data center where the call will be tracked and recorded. This process begins while the call is simultaneously re-directed to drop into your business or call center where it will be answered by your designated employees. While being an involved process, this will all take place in real time and will give potential customers will have the opportunity to interact directly with your company in order to learn more about your products and/or services.

In addition to placing a unique local telephone number on your website, consider also using unique local numbers for all of your other advertising campaigns. Businesses that are advertising in several different marketing mediums find this to be truly advantageous because it allows you to track each individual ad campaign to see which are producing results. By monitoring all incoming leads, you can save thousands of dollars a month by eliminating those marketing techniques that don't produce results. Decrease ad spending while you simultaneously increase your customer base; local telephone call tracking with Main Web Host can help.

Not only does our local call tracking system implement a successful lead generator for your website, it also implements a real time tracking system that can show you how many leads you are generating and where those leads are coming from. Each call that drops into your business will be individually tracked and recorded, and in addition, once a call is completed, our system allows you to access the potential customers' information and review previously placed calls via the recordings. This will allow you to take full advantage of lead information in order to take your calls and turn them into returning customers. Why continue to waste time and money on marketing tactics that simply don't work? Get started with Main Web Host today and see how easy it is to turn local phone inquiries into qualified leads.